Apex provides expert advice, solutions and analytical support in connection with mergers & acquisitions, capital markets activities and strategic planning. The firm also offers board level assistance and interim “C” level support. Services are grouped within the following categories:

Investment Banking

Uniquely qualified to meet your needs

Our firm is comprised of seasoned bankers and successful executives with significant operating and transaction experience in the middle market. This unique blend of talent and experience allows Apex to identify opportunities and deliver services in a way few investment banks can. At Apex, we help clients succeed. Whether it’s to support the continued growth of a business or a shareholder’s desire for liquidity, we collaborate with business owners, management teams and trusted advisors to provide innovative, highly customized financial solutions.

Dedicated to your success

Apex offers unparalleled flexibility and flawless execution. When you work with Apex you will get a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts who are dedicated to your success. We will help you access the capital markets and explore strategic alternatives. Supported by the resources typically found in much larger firms, our experienced senior bankers will work exclusively on your behalf to further enhance the value of wealth you have created.

Apex Partners can help you:

  • Analyze and evaluate the merits of a potential transaction
  • Determine the value of your company or a target company
  • Identify potential buyers or sellers
  • Customize an optimum strategy;
  • Negotiate key transaction terms;
  • Secure transaction financing
  • Identify experienced advisors including attorneys, accountants and other deal professionals to help you with your transaction.

Realizing the value of your business

It’s no secret: business owners often overlook important value drivers. As a result, they may not get an opportunity to fully realize the value they have created. Apex has established a track record of success, maximizing value on behalf of its clients. Paramount to this success has been the involvement of experienced senior bankers. They are engaged every aspect of a relationship to help our clients avoid unnecessary surprises and achieve the desired results.

We will work to ensure no stones are left unturned. We will dive deep to develop a compelling story that will generate interest and we will assist with projections testing the results under different scenarios to help you refine the strategy and uncover the “not so obvious” opportunities to enhance the value of your business. Through a well-managed process we will help you avoid distractions and maintain confidentiality while maintaining a measure of competitive tension that will improve negotiating leverage and allow you to realize the maximum achievable value.

Pursuing acquisitions to accelerate growth and enhance value

It is common for business owners and investors to pursue acquisitions that complement their existing portfolios, products and services. Acquisitions can also provide immediate access to new markets or increase penetration in existing ones. If you are looking to develop proprietary opportunities or establish a pipeline of qualified targets within a specific industry or geographic region, Apex can help you limit exposure and provide added flexibility through an outsourced solution tailored to meet your needs. Our senior bankers have significant “buy-side” experience working to establish corporate development functions and manage related activities.

We make the same fundamental commitment to our clients in supporting buy-side activities that we do in supporting sell-side activities. Our experienced bankers will be involved in every step of the process from identifying and evaluating potential targets to assisting with negotiations. We will work exclusively on your behalf to help you maximize value through negotiating, structuring and financing transactions that meet your objectives.

Partnering to realize value and participate in the future success

Are all of your eggs in one basket? According to recent studies, entrepreneurs may have as much as 80-90% of their net worth concentrated in a single position – a closely held business – subjecting them to extreme volatility and unnecessary risk. Dividend recapitalizations have grown increasingly popular among business owners, both as means of diversification and as a means of accelerating the growth of their companies. Savvy owners are taking some of their chips off the table while enhancing the value of their businesses.

Apex will work with you to explore strategic alternatives, find the right partner and structure a transaction that allows you to maximize the achievable value of your business today and in the future. We have established relationships with hundreds of well-capitalized investors seeking to partner with successful business owners and their management teams. These investors can help you eliminate personal guarantees and provide additional capital to accelerate the growth and enhance the underlying value of your business.

Transitioning ownership to capable hands

Considering the vital role management plays in the overall success of a business, negotiations between business owners and their management teams can be very sensitive and complex. Apex can provide independent research and negotiating assistance as you work to find an acceptable (fair market) value for the Company. Our experienced senior bankers can help you avoid problematic situations and costly surprises by working collaboratively with you to assess the alternatives and execute a win-win strategy that suits your individual objectives.

Whether you are an owner who has been approached by a manager or part of the management team looking to buyout a current owner, Apex can help you achieve your objectives through an array of capital markets solutions. When management lacks the resources necessary to fund all or a significant portion of a buyout, our senior bankers can help you optimize the structure of the transaction finding the right mix of senior and junior debt, equity and seller financing.

Capital Sourcing

Helping you get the capital you need

Apex relies on sophisticated research, proven strategies and a ‘roll up our sleeves’ approach to drive value through the development of sound alternatives and highly customized financial solutions. Mid-sized companies are often limited and unable to realize their full potential because they have outgrown existing sources of capital. Our experienced senior bankers work collaboratively with clients to assess current and future capital requirements. A detailed analysis enables us to match appropriate and accessible forms of capital to the individual needs of the client. A well-managed process designed to yield a measure of competitive tension then produces an optimized capital structure at the lowest achievable cost.

We cover the full spectrum of debt and equity funding sources. On the debt side, these include asset-based lenders, SBICs, commercial banks, specialty finance firms, and mezzanine/ subordinated debt providers. On the equity side, they include late-stage venture capital funds, corporate strategic investors, private equity funds emphasizing both minority and majority recapitalizations, and integrated fund families investing a mix of equity and debt products. Our familiarity with both enables us to assist with traditional financings, in addition to those transactions that have unique requirements because of distress or special industry dynamics.

Apex can assist with:

  • Asset-based lines of credit
  • Senior revolver and term debt
  • Subordinated debt
  • Mezzanine debt/hybrid securities
  • Convertible preferred stock
  • Common stock
  • Partnership interests

Financial Advisory

Providing a range of solutions for your business

Apex offers a range of financial consulting and advisory services to help clients refine and execute the strategies that drive value creation. At various stages throughout an organization’s lifecycle, you may need proven senior executives or other competent professionals to help you maximize stakeholder value. Our professionals have extensive and varied backgrounds in business. Many have significant commercial banking, financial consulting and corporate development experience. Others have served in the capacity of President, CFO, COO and CAO and as members of various boards of directors. In addition to traditional investment banking services and capital sourcing, we provide board level assistance, interim “C” level mentoring and support, strategic planning, financial modeling, cash flow forecasting and business valuation expertise. Our experienced advisors offer practical advice and senior level attention to help you make sound business decisions.

Advisory Services

  • Board level assistance
  • Strategic planning
  • Interim “C” level mentoring and management
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Financial modeling
  • Business valuations
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